Link Lineup. 1.29.10

by Signify. Rome, Italy

by Signify. Rome, Italy

Can you believe it’s the last week in January? Here’s what I’ve got to wrap up the first month of the new year.

  • My extremely artistic cousin sent me this link – vinyl graphics that gives insight into a designer’s world. Nice.
  • Want to look scholarly even if you’re tech nerd? Try this MacBook case out for size.
  • An inventive and beautiful use of recycled materials by an Etsy seller – who would have thought old ink cartridges could be so stunning?
  • A paper sculpture exercise done by students.
  • More recycled works – a hilarious take on the rotary phone as it relates to sculpture by Jean-Luc Cornec. And check out the work of Ptolemy Elrington. Wow.
  • Tea is great and all, but hot chocolate liquidy goodness really hits the spot sometimes. What would make this delectable treat even better? Cloud marshmallows, of course.
  • And seriously? Typographic cookies to go with it? Yes, please.
  • Absolutely stunning landscape studies by Scott Mansfield.
  • For my salon ladies in Michigan, lovely hair care product packaging.

Please share your inspiration with me! I always love seeing what people are drawn to.

- Laura

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