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Link Lineup. 1.29.10

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by Signify. Rome, Italy

by Signify. Rome, Italy

Can you believe it’s the last week in January? Here’s what I’ve got to wrap up the first month of the new year.

  • My extremely artistic cousin sent me this link – vinyl graphics that gives insight into a designer’s world. Nice.
  • Want to look scholarly even if you’re tech nerd? Try this MacBook case out for size.
  • An inventive and beautiful use of recycled materials by an Etsy seller – who would have thought old ink cartridges could be so stunning?
  • A paper sculpture exercise done by students.
  • More recycled works – a hilarious take on the rotary phone as it relates to sculpture by Jean-Luc Cornec. And check out the work of Ptolemy Elrington. Wow.
  • Tea is great and all, but hot chocolate liquidy goodness really hits the spot sometimes. What would make this delectable treat even better? Cloud marshmallows, of course.
  • And seriously? Typographic cookies to go with it? Yes, please.
  • Absolutely stunning landscape studies by Scott Mansfield.
  • For my salon ladies in Michigan, lovely hair care product packaging.

Please share your inspiration with me! I always love seeing what people are drawn to.

- Laura

Monday musings

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I stumbled upon a creative Q&A site where this question was asked: Do you ever look at other peoples work and wish you had done it?

Um, yes. And one of the answers to this question hit home with me because I often have what the author referred to as “creative envy” with both design and photography. I often feel as though I have a really great idea, but the execution just doesn’t work. And sometimes it seems I’m fully capable of great execution, but the idea just never gets fully resolved. So when someone really nails both and it seems to be effortless (which it’s not), it causes quite a stirring of jealousy in me.

But like the author says, this feeling can only serve to improve who I am as a creative. I should appreciate, learn from and utilize what works in order to keep growing my own talent. I can only learn through studying and in the creative world, studying just happens to be appreciating beautiful pieces of art. Not a bad deal. Likewise, I can only grow by doing – practice, practice, practice. Creativity is not simply innate or something that comes naturally, it also takes hard work, time and effort.

So rather than feeling regret or envy, I’ve been learning that I need to follow these steps for both personal and professional success:

1) Admire beautiful work
2) Appreciate incredible talent
3) Recognize my potential
4) Practice the craft
5) Keep pursuing greatness

It’s become my five-step process.

- Laura

Link lineup. 1.22.10

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by Laura. Location: Vatican City, Italy

by Signify. Location: Vatican City, Italy

Apologies again for the slacking in my posting, but I just got LASIK eye surgery last Thursday and I’ve been limiting my computer time in an effort to not over-stress my eyeballs (they are kind of important). So needless to say, I took last week off. And as you’ll note, the featured image this week has an optic feel to it – I do like my themes. Anyway, here’s my extensive collection of links for this week to make up for last week. Some really good stuff to feast your eyes on!

  • To carry on my eye theme…now, I don’t use Re-nu but I have to admit, it’s new box design is quite “eye-catching.”
  • I love tea, especially when I’m feeling under the weather like I am this week. So these fun tea bags totally made my day.
  • For my fellow Mac lovers, check out these great new gadgets for the iPhone (turns your phone into a mini Mac – funny) and Macbook (turns your MacBook into a tower – genuis).
  • I don’t know why, but wooden spoons/objects make my skin crawl. However, I find these Scanwood products irresistible with their great packaging.
  • As you know, I’m a huge fan of clean, sleek design and this packaging for Buck is beautiful yet also very masculine – great design by Mint.
  • Lovely design, awesome mission – Water for Water.
  • Okay, I think ampersands are one of the most beautiful characters in typography. And that is why I love this blog.
  • Living in Colorado has caused me to buy fun winter hats – thinking about getting this adorable one for the slopes.
  • By now you know my love for packaging design so in addition to the great finds from, I SO want their new book to drool over.

Not enough? Check back in next week for more, you greedy little buggers.

- Laura

Link Lineup. 1.08.10

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by Signify. Location: Paris, France

After accidentally skipping a week of my Link Lineup in all the New Year excitement, I’m back and ready to share my first link picks of 2010. Get excited and check them out.

  • The photo this week has an accompanying link – discover scans of the original blue prints of the “Monsieur Effiel” on the official Eiffel Tower website. So cool.
  • I absolutely love mobiles. And this one is no exception. One day, when we have kids, they will have one of these hanging from their ceiling.
  • A great goal for the new year – read one book every week. I think every creative or business professional can find that inspiring. And here’s a great bookmark to use.
  • Some more fun necklaces for all you unique jewelry lovers.
  • Wintery and wonderful, these Outofstock stools are fantastic. Want.
  • More winter goodness with a graphic design study of the snowflake.
  • We have a dog and I would love to get one of these Hyperakt leashes for us…er, I mean her. Awesome branding, too.

It’s a great start to the new year – hope you all enjoyed your first full week.

- Laura

From the archives

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Well, happy New Year! I’ve got some good stuff to share in this first week of the new year. As I was looking through our massively extensive collection of photos taken over the past 5+ years, I came along some beauties which I’ve sorted into collections. They are gorgeous, if I do say so myself. And I am bound and determined to get these printed and framed someday to hang on our walls, or give as gifts to friends and family. But for now, they are for your online enjoyment.

Artfully yours,