Colorful Colorado

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Did I mention I like flowers? Here are some from Rocky Mountain National Park.


graphic designphotographylogosbrandingcolorado designerI can’t get enough.

- Laura

Latest inspiration: Rocky Mountain majesty

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It’s hard not to take photos of everything here in Colorado. And Rocky Mountain National Park is no exception. We went up this past weekend with out-of-town friends and even with a point-and-shoot camera, these shots turned out amazing. It was a beautifully moody day which provided some great atmospheric shots. Totally inspired by the beauty of nature.

Side note: I’ve been terrible at taking our “real” camera with us when we’re with people because I know I’d go even more photo crazy. So my apologies to the quality, but the subject matter speaks for itself.

graphic designphotographymarketingpublic relationsCO photographercopywritingweb design

Pretty awesome, huh? Life is good.

- Laura

Slack attack

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by Signify. Location: Cinque Terre, Italy

by Signify. Location: Cinque Terre, Italy

I can’t believe it’s been over a month since my last post! That is terrible. I also can’t believe that I never explained why I am no longer doing my regular Link Lineup posts. The reason is this – I got busy! The last month has been a good one for Signify as far as new business and new outlets for my creativity so I’ve been focusing on my projects and less time on my blogging. But I’d like to at least post once or twice in a month with either project updates, featured photography or Signifycant thoughts, with an occasional Link Lineup thrown in
the mix.

Speaking of Signifycant thoughts, here are my latest personal musings as they relate to life and business…

  • Running from challenges doesn’t allow for growth.
  • Giving up when frustrated is the road to failure.
  • Proper communication is key.
  • Great connections are invaluable.
  • Getting involved and putting yourself out there is the easiest way become known.

I realize none of these are new concepts, but they are great reminders for me as both an entrepreneur and individual.

Anyway, I hope to have a post up by the end of the month with my latest projects, so until then…

Happy June!

Spring blossoms

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May is here and spring is in the air! Well, actually spring has been in the air for a while now, but all the trees around our place have just started blossoming after a few false starts. I’ve felt bad for them as we’ve had some weather tom-foolery around here, with 70-degree days one day and then snow flurries the next. Bizarre, but such is springtime in the Rockies.

In any case, I took a few shots of the loveliness all around me on my first couple delightful walks in May. Enjoy!


I absolutely love flowering trees. I mean, flowers in general make me happy. So thank you, spring.

- Laura

New business opportunities

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leave behind . takeaway . ad

leave behind . takeaway . ad

Last week I took on a new role that is not exactly related to what Signify does tangibly, but is in the same family of creative communication. I became a local Golden travel writer for This opens up a lot of fun creative for me, such as pursuing travel writing and photojournalism which are things I’ve had an interest in doing for several years now. So please feel free to subscribe to my articles if the content is of interest to you, and look for new ones each week!

In the meantime, I’m still trying to fit in the design of a new branch of Signify into my increasingly busy schedule – weddings! We’d like to have our photography featured on its own site, and we want to create a separate website to promote our wedding photography and custom correspondence for Denver-metro brides. The thought has always been to do this – have one website for business and one for weddings/lifestyle photography – but we wanted to wait a bit until we got more established.

So I’ve started the wireframes of the site but just haven’t yet gotten to the actual design. Probably because I keep adding on more side jobs like writing… But I’m trying to figure out whether or not to give it a totally different look, or keep some of the same elements of its parent brand.

Decisions, decisions.

- Laura

Words to live by

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by Signify. Location: Tabernash, Colorado

Nothing could be more fitting for how I want to live my life:

“One final paragraph of advice: do not burn yourselves out. Be as I am — a reluctant enthusiast… a part-time crusader, a half-hearted fanatic. Save the other half of yourselves and your lives for pleasure and adventure. It is not enough to fight for the land; it is even more important to enjoy it. While you can. While it’s still here. So get out there and hunt and fish and mess around with your friends, ramble out yonder and explore the forests, climb the mountains, bag the peaks, run the rivers, breathe deep of that yet sweet and lucid air, sit quietly for a while and contemplate the precious stillness, the lovely, mysterious, and awesome space. Enjoy yourselves, keep your brain in your head and your head firmly attached to the body, the body active and alive, and I promise you this much; I promise you this one sweet victory over our enemies, over those desk-bound men and women with their hearts in a safe deposit box, and their eyes hypnotized by desk calculators. I promise you this; You will outlive the bastards.”

From a speech to environmentalists in Missoula, Montana in 1978 and in Colorado, which was published in High Country News in the 1970s or early 1980s under the title “Joy, Shipmates, Joy.”, as quoted in Saving Nature’s Legacy : Protecting and Restoring Biodiversity (1994) by Reed F. Noss, Allen Y. Cooperrider, and Rodger Schlickeisen, p. 338.

Thanks to Frank for the insightful find (original via justinthomaskay).

In the end, worldly success is meaningless but living life to the fullest reigns supreme. I’m on board with that.

- Laura

Intro to Spring

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For those of you who may not know, Ryan and I moved to Golden, Colorado this past November from the Chicago area. We absolutely love it here and it is the perfect city for our transition. It has a great downtown with a creek at the heart of of it and there is so much to do – from outdoor activities to shopping & dining. Not only that, but it has an authentic western small-town feel that is completely irresistible. And the location is perfect – we have easy access to the city and direct access to the mountains since we live right along the Front Range of the magnificent Rockies.

Since we’re outdoor enthusiasts and photographers, we can’t resist getting some “fine-art” nature shots on our walks around town and in the foothills – even if it’s just with our little Canon point-and-shoot. We admit we have an obsession with documenting everything, so you can imagine the amount of photos we’ve already taken now that we live in one of the most beautiful places in the U.S., if not the world (I believe I estimated our average to be 12 a day…in only four months time).

And I’d like to give you a glimpse into our life here and join us in our obsession. It’s a bit drier where we are so sometimes it’s not the most beautiful in panorama, but we love the variety in the details – rocks, plant life, etc. By capturing those tiny details, it allows us to see our hikes and nature in a totally different way.

So enjoy our nature walk on Chimney Gulch Trail!


Makes spring even more appealing, doesn’t it? Bring on the warmth and new growth!

- Laura

Link Lineup. 3.19.10

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by Signify. Location: Florence, Italy

by Signify. Location: Florence, Italy

March is definitely in like a lion…it’s been snowing all day today with no signs up letting up any time soon. This means sledding will be in our near future. In the meantime, enjoy a flurry of links.

  • These lamps are fantastic. Gave me some good ideas.
  • I would love to have these for my house once I get my home decór more cohesive (gotta eventually replace the 1980’s La-Z-Boy couches…)
  • Loving these soap tins sold at Anthropologie. They would be great for storing my crafty items, fun travel souvenirs or jewelry once the soap is all used up.
  • Frank Chimero came up with a great list of inspirational designers and here are some more I’d like to add: David Carson, Marian Bantjes, Louise Fili and Paula Scher.
  • I’m a fan of the updated twist on the classic, decorative look that’s being done lately. These books are no exception.

That’s it. Just a little list for you all today. Now it’s time for me to enjoy the outdoors!

- Laura

Work in progress

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Things have been a bit busy around here as far as new work, meetings with prospective clients and developing proposals as well as juggling a few part-time jobs I’ve taken on. And even though I’ve been really bad about updating the blog with recently completed projects (in fact, I have none on here), I’m going to change that right now with this post.

I’m pretty excited about finishing up a new web design project I’d been working on these last few weeks for my old co-worker and friend, Ryan Wynia, through his company, Firebone. Here are some screen shots of the project in progress, and soon it will be live!

McCord Landing page

The Road: McCord Road Christian Church Landing page

Events page

Events page

Messages page

Messages page

I’m also currently working on a publication for another client and friend who followed us in our move to Colorado. I am SO grateful to have this support from people back in the Midwest, especially since it’s a job in and of itself to get plugged into a new community and develop new business relationships here in Golden. So thanks to everyone who stuck with us in this transition! And all this new work will soon be featured on our website,

So hopefully I’ll be better at putting new work up here in the future. But as the title says…that, too, is a work in progress.


Link Lineup. 3.12.10

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by Signify. Location: Murren, Switzerland

It’s springtime in the Rockies and I’ve got the sliding door wide open as I sit by the computer today. Ahh. Can’t wait to see the landscape start changing from brown to green with little bursts of color from the soon-to-be flowering foliage. Just waiting for the day when I can take my computer breaks poolside. I’m ready for summer! Now onto some link mania.

  • I’m definitely considering getting this rug for the entryway. Not only is it fun, but it’s a great way for gravel to get knocked off people’s shoes upon entry. Two for the price of one.
  • We love our dog which is why these are the best commercials ever. Entertaining and beautiful.
  • Duke University’s collection of historic American sheet music is fantastic.
  • Loving these necklaces. Great use of found objects that create a modern and unique accessory.
  • I’m one of those people who has a great idea or remembers something I need to do right before falling asleep but don’t feel like getting up to write it down. I think I need to keep this journal by the side of my bed.
  • I have an obsession with scarves. And now these lovelies by Phillipe Roucou for Reborn are on my wishlist.
  • A great daily collection blog, and this ensemble is one of my favorites so far. Ooo, and this one, too.

That’s it for this week’s goodie blog. Happy, sunny weekend!

- Laura

The funny thing about work

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If only work was called “fun.” What a great life we’d have then, right? Well, unfortunately it’s not our reality. Work is called “work” for a reason and complain as we may, it’s what we’re called to do in order to survive in this world. Whether it’s working on a relationship, finances, perspective, skills or working on actual work…it’s just what we do. And this is something I’ve been reminded of often by my husband and business partner whenever I say, “this is hard” or “I don’t want to.”

If jobs were only for those who truly and deeply enjoyed what they did and loved going to work every day, would we have trash collectors, janitors, factory workers or morticians? I’m not so sure. I know there are jobs out there that really do fulfill people’s lives completely and they truly love what they do. But every single day? Highly doubtful. Everyone has bad days and days where they feel like giving up. It’s natural, but it’s a feeling to overcome. And here’s what what Seth Godin has to say about that:

I don’t feel like it

What’s it?

Why do you need to feel like something in order to do the work? They call it work because it’s difficult, not because it’s something you need to feel like.

Very few people wake up in the morning and feel like taking big risks or feel like digging deep for something that has eluded them. People don’t usually feel like pushing themselves harder than they’ve pushed before or having conversations that might be uncomfortable.

Of course, your feelings are irrelevant to whether or not the market expects great work. Do the work. Ignore the feelings part and the work will follow.

Working on the “stuff” in my life isn’t always fun or easy, but if I get to it with the right attitude, perspective and motivation, I can be proud of a job well done. And then take the weekend to congratulate myself.

- Laura

Link Lineup. 3.05.10

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by Signify. Location: Lake Como, Italy

by Signify. Location: Lake Como, Italy

This week I got behind in my Google Reader RSS feeds where I find all my great links for these posts. So when I got around to reviewing them today, I was very overwhelmed with the quantity of cool finds. I may have to get rid of some of my subscriptions or I’ll drive myself crazy spending so much time looking at fun things. In saying that, I’d like nothing better than to overwhelm my readers as well – for the sake of camaraderie. So here goes!

  • A handmade CMYK study and Gill Sans poster by Evelin Kasikov.
  • Not a 4-color process – check out these fun Pantone® make up concepts.
  • When I get into glasses again someday (it’s inevitable even with Lasik), I’m totally getting a pair of sexy specs by Warby Parker. Inexpensive yet stylish.
  • Interesting artwork made with corrugated cardboard.
  • This chair is wonderful. As is this clothes hanger.
  • Date night in Paris at this restaurant, please?
  • Stop motion videos are all the rage now. It’s no wonder with videos like this (featuring my talented cousin Lexia’s work) and this out there.
  • Custom lettering each day of the year…a fun and beneficial experiment.
  • Simple, but beautiful. And I know it’s tequila, but the design is oh so lovely…makes me want to head to a beach.
  • Irresistible logo and corresponding packaging. Love it!
  • I love this site for the concept and content. One of my favorites out of the bunch is the typographic playing cards.
  • A funny yet practical way to show the world you love photography while drinking your morning cup of coffee.
  • It’s our new house!
  • And let’s end on a more girly note, shall we? Some shoes (select black) to go with that handbag.

Spring is in the air! Enjoy the weekend.

- Laura

The surmised demise of the Internet

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I’ve recently begun to follow Frank Chimero’s blog so you’ll probably notice his name come up a lot because he’s got some amazing insight to share. And his most recent post didn’t let me down – hilarious:

8 Ways to End the Internet

I found this article that speculates on ways the internet will end. I figure I should make my own list of ways the internet will end. You know, for the sake of punditry. They had 10, but geez, I could only figure out 8 possible ways. Just imagine the other two are some wicked water-to-blood Old Testament type of apocalypse stuff. Anyway, 8 ways the internet could end:

1. Locust swarm at Farmville, ruining crops and causing mass e-starvation.
2. O shortage on Ggle Search Results.
3. Bird season at Twitter.
4. Rick Astley gives up and lets us down.
5. MySpace v3.0 (with 3D glasses)
6. Dancing Baby and Hamster Dance make another go at it in light of the recent success of other come-back tours.
7. All server farms = Transformers.
8. Facebook homepage redesign.
EDIT: Uh oh. I thought of more.
1. Large Hadron Collider operated by this guy.
2. A Tumblr blog about hipsters is started. It does not receive a book deal.
3. Ban imposed on list-based blog entries

I especially like his last one and it makes me laugh. Because not only is my Link Lineup series list-based, I also have another blog about our daily life in Golden that includes many lists as well. I LOVE my list-based blogs. And don’t even get me started with the Facebook redesign…

- Laura

Link Lineup. 2.26.10

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by Signify. Location: Cinque Terre, Italy

by Signify. Location: Cinque Terre, Italy

Because it’s a wintery day and I am already wishing for warmer weather, I thought I’d share a bright, cheery photo with you. And here are my finds for this week!

  • A unique and cheery pop can that correlates nicely with my photo. (and yes, being from the Midwest I do say “pop”). This one is interesting, too.
  • I love this chair art piece. Great statement piece for the modern house.
  • Fun postcard reminders that technology should take the back burner to relationships and non-digital experiences.
  • Don’t underestimate cups made from Styrofoam – espeically ones with artwork on them.
  • Um, Deuce Creative has an amazing work space.
  • Best door hanger ever – make sure to scroll over the images for the full effect.
  • A great type evolution diagram by the oh-so talented, Jessica Hische.

Links are fun…please share!

- Laura

Ingredients for success

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by Signify. Location: Gimmelwald, Switzerland

by Signify. Location: Gimmelwald, Switzerland

From the ever insightful, creative Frank Chimero:

“There are no recipes.”

Stop looking for a recipe for success. You want it? So far as I can tell, it is to relentlessly do what you’re best at, keep at it, and to keep moving and take advantage of opportunities.

Stop looking for recipes about how to find work. You want it? Do what you’re best at, tell people about it, make incredible work and every once in a while remind people you exist in a way that best represents you. There’s no one true way to promote.

My take: Don’t worry about the right way to be a better entrepreneur/creative/person…just be yourself, nobody can do that better. So while there is no one recipe, the key ingredients are to be smart, be persistent, be proactive and be unique. And success will follow in some form or another.

- Laura

ps. in case you didn’t realize, my photo represents a “kick in the pants” for those of us who need it.

Link Lineup. 2.12.10

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by Signify. Location: Venice, Italy

by Signify. Location: Venice, Italy

Well it’s nearing Valentine’s Day, so I thought I’d showcase a photo from one of the most romantic places on earth – Venice. And normally I don’t recognize the holiday because it just seems to have the opposite effect of what’s being celebrated. Something just feels so unromantic to me when every other couple is celebrating their love on the same day. So Ryan and I like to cheat the system and go against the norm by celebrating on the 13th – our dating anniversary. It works for us!

Anyway, for the special day I wanted to share some links reflecting my favorite kind of design in honor of love – packaging design. So of course thanks to, here are the finds for this week!

  • To kick things off, these printable love coupon matchbooks, chocolate wrappers and tea bag cosies are super pretty and appropriate for the special day, or any other romantic time.
  • San Fran beer packaging – love the city, love the look. Did I say love yet?
  • Minimalistic design and economic, too.
  • Speaking of economic, check out these cool school supplies.
  • Perfect – ABC paper cups for the typography lover and party planner.
  • Tea packaging is among the most interesting and beautiful design, and same goes for alcohol.
  • Lovely letterpress wedding invitations.
  • Not necessarily packaging, but I think this set of collages is very romantical.
  • Okay, and I could not resist sharing this link even though it’s not packaging design or romantic, but it is another one of my favorite things – a delightful type mobile.

Happy day of love!

- Laura

Link Lineup. 2.05.10

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by Signify. Location: Venice, Italy

by Signify. Location: Venice, Italy

We’re now already in February (dang, time flies), and it just so happens to be Ryan’s birthday today! So I’d like to dedicate this post to him on this very special day. However, since he didn’t provide me with any of his favorite links, I’ve selected a few I know he’d enjoy.

  • It’s making a comeback in an unlikely, unique way – the mullet, social media style.
  • The art history poster cheat sheet. Ryan’s favorite is: “Duchamp owns everything” – well, it’s true. And I especially like this one: “Calder owns mobiles” – he does and they are amazing.
  • Our friend is a pilot and we like design, so this airplane rebranding blends the two professions together quite nicely, as well as adds a punch of humor.
  • Liking these hand-painted ceramic bowls, and I’m sure Ryan could replicate them.
  • We like beer and we like graphics – if these taste as good as they look, this beer would be on our list of beverages. And give me a weizen with this fun label design.

That’s all we’ve got for you this week. Cheers!

- Laura

Link Lineup. 1.29.10

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by Signify. Rome, Italy

by Signify. Rome, Italy

Can you believe it’s the last week in January? Here’s what I’ve got to wrap up the first month of the new year.

  • My extremely artistic cousin sent me this link – vinyl graphics that gives insight into a designer’s world. Nice.
  • Want to look scholarly even if you’re tech nerd? Try this MacBook case out for size.
  • An inventive and beautiful use of recycled materials by an Etsy seller – who would have thought old ink cartridges could be so stunning?
  • A paper sculpture exercise done by students.
  • More recycled works – a hilarious take on the rotary phone as it relates to sculpture by Jean-Luc Cornec. And check out the work of Ptolemy Elrington. Wow.
  • Tea is great and all, but hot chocolate liquidy goodness really hits the spot sometimes. What would make this delectable treat even better? Cloud marshmallows, of course.
  • And seriously? Typographic cookies to go with it? Yes, please.
  • Absolutely stunning landscape studies by Scott Mansfield.
  • For my salon ladies in Michigan, lovely hair care product packaging.

Please share your inspiration with me! I always love seeing what people are drawn to.

- Laura

Monday musings

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I stumbled upon a creative Q&A site where this question was asked: Do you ever look at other peoples work and wish you had done it?

Um, yes. And one of the answers to this question hit home with me because I often have what the author referred to as “creative envy” with both design and photography. I often feel as though I have a really great idea, but the execution just doesn’t work. And sometimes it seems I’m fully capable of great execution, but the idea just never gets fully resolved. So when someone really nails both and it seems to be effortless (which it’s not), it causes quite a stirring of jealousy in me.

But like the author says, this feeling can only serve to improve who I am as a creative. I should appreciate, learn from and utilize what works in order to keep growing my own talent. I can only learn through studying and in the creative world, studying just happens to be appreciating beautiful pieces of art. Not a bad deal. Likewise, I can only grow by doing – practice, practice, practice. Creativity is not simply innate or something that comes naturally, it also takes hard work, time and effort.

So rather than feeling regret or envy, I’ve been learning that I need to follow these steps for both personal and professional success:

1) Admire beautiful work
2) Appreciate incredible talent
3) Recognize my potential
4) Practice the craft
5) Keep pursuing greatness

It’s become my five-step process.

- Laura

Link lineup. 1.22.10

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by Laura. Location: Vatican City, Italy

by Signify. Location: Vatican City, Italy

Apologies again for the slacking in my posting, but I just got LASIK eye surgery last Thursday and I’ve been limiting my computer time in an effort to not over-stress my eyeballs (they are kind of important). So needless to say, I took last week off. And as you’ll note, the featured image this week has an optic feel to it – I do like my themes. Anyway, here’s my extensive collection of links for this week to make up for last week. Some really good stuff to feast your eyes on!

  • To carry on my eye theme…now, I don’t use Re-nu but I have to admit, it’s new box design is quite “eye-catching.”
  • I love tea, especially when I’m feeling under the weather like I am this week. So these fun tea bags totally made my day.
  • For my fellow Mac lovers, check out these great new gadgets for the iPhone (turns your phone into a mini Mac – funny) and Macbook (turns your MacBook into a tower – genuis).
  • I don’t know why, but wooden spoons/objects make my skin crawl. However, I find these Scanwood products irresistible with their great packaging.
  • As you know, I’m a huge fan of clean, sleek design and this packaging for Buck is beautiful yet also very masculine – great design by Mint.
  • Lovely design, awesome mission – Water for Water.
  • Okay, I think ampersands are one of the most beautiful characters in typography. And that is why I love this blog.
  • Living in Colorado has caused me to buy fun winter hats – thinking about getting this adorable one for the slopes.
  • By now you know my love for packaging design so in addition to the great finds from, I SO want their new book to drool over.

Not enough? Check back in next week for more, you greedy little buggers.

- Laura

Link Lineup. 1.08.10

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by Signify. Location: Paris, France

After accidentally skipping a week of my Link Lineup in all the New Year excitement, I’m back and ready to share my first link picks of 2010. Get excited and check them out.

  • The photo this week has an accompanying link – discover scans of the original blue prints of the “Monsieur Effiel” on the official Eiffel Tower website. So cool.
  • I absolutely love mobiles. And this one is no exception. One day, when we have kids, they will have one of these hanging from their ceiling.
  • A great goal for the new year – read one book every week. I think every creative or business professional can find that inspiring. And here’s a great bookmark to use.
  • Some more fun necklaces for all you unique jewelry lovers.
  • Wintery and wonderful, these Outofstock stools are fantastic. Want.
  • More winter goodness with a graphic design study of the snowflake.
  • We have a dog and I would love to get one of these Hyperakt leashes for us…er, I mean her. Awesome branding, too.

It’s a great start to the new year – hope you all enjoyed your first full week.

- Laura

From the archives

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Well, happy New Year! I’ve got some good stuff to share in this first week of the new year. As I was looking through our massively extensive collection of photos taken over the past 5+ years, I came along some beauties which I’ve sorted into collections. They are gorgeous, if I do say so myself. And I am bound and determined to get these printed and framed someday to hang on our walls, or give as gifts to friends and family. But for now, they are for your online enjoyment.

Artfully yours,


Link Lineup. 12.25.09

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by Laura. Location: Castiglione, Italy

by Signify. Location: Castiglione, Italy

Merry Christmas!! To keep celebrating the holiday with festive links, here are just a few more that are wonderfully Christmas related.

  • Enjoy a variety of festive and super creative holiday typography.
  • A collection of gorgeous wrapping for the season from around the web.
  • Just a fun, typographic holiday wine label to enjoy.
  • Ring in the holidays on a good note – use these music-inspired salt and pepper shakers to add a little flavor to your holiday meal.
  • I just love paper cut out creations. These placemats are no exception!
  • And now I have to share some finds. These gloves are pretty and practical. And this necklace is funky and festive. And my alliteration wouldn’t be complete without a comfy cowl scarf.

Have a very jolly time with friends and family this week!

- Laura

Link Lineup. 12.18.09

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by Signify. Location: Venice, Italy

So in honor of Christmas, I’ve decided to make the focus of my links primarily on the holiday. Hope you like these little gems!

  • Here are some fantastic glass ornaments that showcase bits of nature inside. Beautiful!
  • It’s coming up sooner than twelve days, but check out this great “Twelve Days” gift idea and countdown candy calendar.
  • If your house is still not fully decorated for the season, here are some great DIY projects to do and get on display before guests start arriving. And check out their mantel ideas – stunning!
  • Gifts, gifts and more gifts for your artsy and organized friends.
  • And here’s one for avid readers when normal bookmarks just won’t do.
  • Let’s not forget the perfect gift for those who always grab a cup to go.
  • Here are some beautiful PlayShape puzzles for the youngins in your family – or for you. And check out the best stuffed toy idea ever from Shidonni – draw your own toy. Build-A-Bear has got nothing on this one!
  • This set of vintage storefront photos sort of reminds me of the best Christmas movie – “It’s A Wonderful Life.”
  • And to bring in the new year, why not get this simple wooden calendar? (zoom in for better views)

More on the way next week. And despite all of my gift ideas, I hope you remember the real reason for the season!

- Laura

Inspiration station

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This weekend Ryan and I went to the Colorado Railroad Museum which is basically a photographers dream – a place to be inspired by the colors, textures and typography of the rail cars. It’s been a while since I’ve posted some eye candy, so I wanted to share our delightful little finds for you all this Monday. Hope you find the beauty in them, too!

Not to mention this would be a great place to shoot some engagement, wedding or trash the dress photography – and I think my cousin Lexia would agree!

Full of bells & whistles,


Link Lineup. 12.11.09

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by Signify. Location: Gimmelwald, Switzerland

The start of this week’s link-y goodness has a gardening/farming theme. Hence my lovely cowbell photo. I’m somewhat of a farm girl myself and I love landscaping so it’s about time I made this a feature. Happy “digging!”

  • Utensils made to look like gardening tools – how perfectly fitting. The designer, Vladimir Rachev, says: “Food is more and more produced in artificial environment. In [the] future we might need a reminder of the cultivation origins.”
  • Simple but great “GrowYourOwn” seed packaging design – an easy way to become an amateur farmer.
  • On a related note, wouldn’t it be fun to put some freshly cut flowers from your garden in a few of these rubber vases? No worries about knocking these over!
  • Follow the doctor’s orders – make sure to track the apples you eat every day on this calendar. From the Etsy seller, VikDesign, “Keep it interesting. Try a Belle De Boskoop, a Newtown Pippin, how about a Peasgood Nonsuch, or maybe a Turley Winesap.” An odd idea but kind of a fun one.
  • These typographic coasters are neat-o.
  • More for my fellow type nerds – Garamond created out of powerlines.
  • Some very cool photo experiments by Adam Voorhes – “exploded” objects.
  • And check out this very minimalistic approach to the Nativity scene by Oliver Fabel. Haha.

That’s all for now! Have a fun weekend.

- Laura

Link Lineup. 12.04.09

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by Signify. Location: Milan, Italy

Today’s lineup includes a lot of great packaging design from (one of my favorite inspiration sources) along with a few other goodies. Enjoy!

Well I think I’ve given you enough to oogle over for today. Have a great weekend and as always, let me know some of your finds so I can admire and enjoy.

- Laura

Link Lineup. 11.27.09

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by Laura. Location: Lake Como, Italy

by Signify. Location: Lake Como, Italy

I’ve got some real goodies for you this week that are quirky and witty…my preferences definitely reflect my personality.

  • A weird and irresistible start to my link lineup – introducing the chest hair t-shirt available at
  • Similar to my earlier link about hotel door hangers, check out this collection of bus tickets.
  • Hilarious typography/language poem by Taylor Mali interpreted by Ronnie Bruce.
  • Just some fun and clever leaf art – bio-diversity by Christoph Niemann.
  • A new and inspiring meaning to the phrase “paper cut.” Beautiful.
  • Love these classically designed Christmas cards by darlingclementine.
  • Speaking of Christmas, I’ll have this letterpress necklace made with movable type, please.
  • Thanks to for showcasing BVD’s lovely packaging, I am missing H&M again.

It’s Black Friday today – pick up anything special?

- Laura

Link Lineup. 11.20.09

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by Ryan. Location: Schwangau, Germany

by Signify. Location: Schwangau, Germany

I’ve got some great features this week, so feast your eyes!

  • All right, these lamps from Sha-Do are simply gorgeous.
  • I have always wanted to incorporate the Rorschach inkblot tests into a design. This wine label is the perfect application – pure genius and beautifully executed.
  • The perfect statement for anyone who needs a reminder.
  • Great package design by Fay K.Pal. These travel containers are simple and effective.
  • Another Fay K.Pal gem – I don’t even like goat milk/cheese, yet I want to buy these products (little confused by the sheep logo, though).
  • Are you kidding? Check out the latest in photo frames.

Share your finds with me! I love to see what inspires you.

- Laura

Don’t get stuck, get smart.

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by Signify. Location: Gimmelwald, Switzerland

As a designer, and even as a photographer, I often feel like the ideas in my head are not translating like I want them to. It is frustrating. And I know I’m not alone on this one.

So it was really interesting and helpful to read an article by Nina Boccia on this morning about the designer, Michael Bierut, and his guide to successful design. Apparently he jokingly refers to himself as a “lazy” designer – in truth, he’s actually just very smart. It’s not about being lazy at all, it’s about being resourceful and keeping a project within reasonable effort, time and budget. The article’s content is an excerpt from one of his lectures, and it shares his seven methods to design efficiently and effectively. I really appreciated his first few steps, so here’s my take on those as a designer:

His first step is to simplify – stay away from ideas that are elaborate and time-intensive.
My take: A novel idea. And it relates to the concept, “don’t bite off more than you can chew.” Both of these thoughts will allow me to work more efficiently without feeling overwhelmed. Keeping it simple while still producing quality work can deliver the best results for everyone.

His second and third steps are to use the elements of the design that are already working rather than scrapping everything and starting from scratch.
My take: Interesting. A lot of times I tend to think that what the client has already could be so much better if only I could get my hands on it and give it a complete overhaul – I like to think of it as my “creative ego.” But his thought is that I need to first find out what is working already, then figure out how I can improve it and make it work even better. Re-working just one aspect of the design may drastically improve the piece.

This article opened my eyes as a designer and allowed me to realize that I don’t need to fight with the design – if I use these principles, the design will work with me. And I also was reminded again that less really is more. Stop the clutter and make a statement.

I feel refreshed and motivated, how about you?

- Laura